Classic car photos. Car faces

Recently, I've been obsessed with trying to achieve the perfect crop. Last weekend, I stopped by the Spring Grove Cemetery Car Show / Cruise-In. It was pretty much the last big show of the season, so I knew I needed to get down there for my fix of corner crops before the long winter season.

All five of these could be possible candidates for future illustrations.


Butch said...

I like them all. I really like that they are not the typical down the side shots.

What camera are you using? You will really like my new lense. We will have to do the Bonnie again, I'll bring the software so you can download the pics.

I like the VW because I am partial to Porsche and the fact that I have owned 4, '61, 63, '65 and 71.

I can't tell what the third picture is but I like this shot because you have accented the way the headlights protrude. Not something you would get with the side shot.

Nice work.

luks said...

wonderfull pictures!!!!!!

Hayden Jones said...

Awesome! The pictures are fantastic. The classic cars are really having the classy look and these pictures looks amazing. They have very unique style and have a good performance too.

Classic Car Sales said...

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