new hobby at splitwheel

My father in law turned me on to a website where they're using a forum to design a car. I think this is called open source, but I could be wrong. The purpose, in short is to design a new car for Caterham, a British car company famous for the Caterham 7. The Caterham 7 is incredibly cool, but impractical without such commodities as a roof, or doors. It's a performance car that may spend a considerable amount of time on the track, but must be a true road car.

Here's my first go at it. More to come. Check out for details.


a porsche sketch

I posted my distaste for the Porsche Panamera a little while back. Naturally, I thought I should sketch my thoughts on a four door Porsche. I started this on the back of a receipt at dinner and decided to take it home and try it a bit larger. This version has a more retro flair to it than the original. It's missing the fender flares that it would take to really make this a Porsche. Maybe I'll revisit this drawing again soon.


two tone el truck

for those of you who don't speak spanish, "el truck" is spanish for "the truck"

actually, i just don't know if it's a truck or an el camino.


Super Sport is...Super

This sketch was a long time in the making. It started out as a Cadillac coupe and just kept getting reworked and reworked until it wasn't a Cadillac anymore. Now it's a Chevrolet. I can't seem to stop drawing Chevys.