Nismo Cube

Over on my other blog, I comment on how much distaste I have for the Hello Kitty Nissan Cube. This is a go at it as more of a sporty box to take on the xB. The roof is chopped, it's lowered, and I've taken out the bubble windows. Instead, I've gone with a canopy without visible B, C or D pillars. Maybe it needs more vinyl graphics.

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Butch said...

Wow, much better. This says agressive. You know how I like some of the BMW wheels, well you hit a soft spot here in the design with the wheels you could propose for this vehicle.

The windows with the chopped top work. The front bumper works.

This can be softened up if need be and look like an everyday car for the first purpose of an automobile but if someone needed a ride that could be driven slowly and says look at me, then this is more like it.